New RY105 Milling Cutter


Besides our RD Premium milling cutters at Macroza we have engineered a new milling cutter specifically designed to work on aerated concrete (AAC) blocks and gypsum walls. These materials are soft & abrasive and demand a specific cutting tool able to run through quickly & easy.

With the new RY105 milling cutter of 30mm X 30mm we achieve:

Total performance. Up to 16,000 linear metres/unit lifespan*

Perfect channel cutting, exactly the required channel size

No clogging. Diamond can heat up the material and make it clog, thus reducing performance greatly

To work on AAC & Gypsum blocks it is highly recommended to use a dust collection device.

From Macroza we recommend use always our wall chasers with our dust collection unit MDE1.

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