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Unique Milling Cutters Wall Chasers that guarantee maximum performance and the best results thanks to our technology.

Wall Chaser SC300 PRO SC300 PRO

The most powerful MACROZA Wall Chaser on the market. With 2,800 W of power. The Wall Chaser for professionals.

Wall Chaser M95 M95

Versatile and light Wall Chaser model. The best cost-benefit ratio. Ideal for medium hard materials.

Wall Chaser M90 M90

2,200 W of power and a subtle design. Perfect for working on light materials.

See some of the MACROZA MACROZA

More meters in much less time

Speed and accuracy, significantly reduces costs

Does not break walls, does not destroy

Opens clean, finished chases in a single pass without shredding

Excellent cost-benefit ratio

You will recover the investment of your wall chaser in a very short working time

Open straight and curved chases. Leaves only a 2 cm gap at corners and ceilings

They go where others cannot and enable excellent results to be achieved

Maximum cleanliness; hardly produces any dust

Milling cutter granulates the material instead of polishing it, reducing dust to a minimum during machining

Attaches itself to the wall; weight is not a problem

The user only has to guide the wall chaser without carrying its weight


The new Wall Chaser Dimension. Our entire product range incorporates the latest technology. We have been innovating and including new functionalities in every wall chaser we bring to the market since 1956.


With 2,800 W of power, the SC300 PRO wall chaser can make straight and curved cuts on the hardest and most abrasive materials.

Opens chases of up to 50×50 mm and incorporates dust extraction


This wall chaser incorporates 2,400 W of power and is perfect for working on slightly harder materials such as solid bricks or lightweight cement.

It also has a light and versatile design that will allow you to work twice as fast.


The M90 is the perfect wall chaser if you need to work on lighter materials such as such as aerated concrete (AAC) or single and double hollow brick.

An excellent wall chaser to get started and achieve excellent results on these surfaces.


Enjoy this demo video to see for yourself some of the benefits of our wall chasing machines.

Latest technology, exclusive design, milling cutter discs for better results. All combined in our wall chasers to offer you advantages far above any other option.

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Some of the surfaces worked WITH MACROZA

Especificaciones técnicas rozadoras de pared MACROZA

Technical specifications of the milling cutters wall chasers

Since 1956, we have been improving our products day by day.

Each of our machines has different features, carefully incorporated to achieve the best chasing results.

Choose the wall chaser that best suits your needs and if you have any doubts, please contact us.

We have a wide network of distributors so that you can purchase your products quickly and easily.

Especificaciones técnicas rozadoras de pared MACROZA

Get your MACROZA Wall Chaser

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How to work with MACROZA

Learn how to use our unique milling cutters and enjoy better results while saving time and money. More meters in less time!

Our technology is far ahead of any other product on the market, offering you a series of exclusive advantages that will allow you to work the chasing of walls in a much more professional, comfortable and precise way.

More meters in less time

It is the fastest and reduces costs significantly. Compared to the traditional method of hammer and chisel, grinders and other chasing machines, the MACROZA wall chasers make it exceptionally fast, easy and light to open chases in walls and partitions to embed electrical, water, heating, TV, air conditioning, etc. conduits. With MACROZA it takes only 15 seconds to open one meter of chases. The following table shows the production speed with MACROZA.

MaterialManuallyDiamond discWith MACROZA
  1 Operator
Solid brick50 m / day150 m / day400 m / day
Hollow brick100 m / day300 m / day800 m / day
Cement block40 m / day200 m / day450 m / day

* These values are approximate, depending on the hardness and degree of abrasion of the material.

The best cost-benefit ratio

You will recover your investment in a very short time. Being able to do more than 500 m of chases in one day, calculate the time it takes to amortize the cost of the wall chaser. Thanks to the benefits offered by MACROZA, you recover the initial cost of the machine in a short period of time.

Does not break, does not shatter

Opens clean chases in a single pass. Have you calculated the cost of wreckage when chasing by hand or with a jackhammer? With MACROZA you will make clean and perfect chases in a single pass. Compared to conventional methods of opening chases, with MACROZA you can save up to 80% in time and materials.

More about the MACROZA Wall Chasers

No dusting

Granulates the material avoiding the production of dust. MACROZA wall chasers are the only chasing machines on the market that do not make dust. The low speed at which the milling cutter works means that it does not polish the material when cutting, as the diamond disc does, but simply granulates it. The debris produced accumulates in the milling cutter cover and is then deposited on the ground. Therefore, it does not require a vacuum cleaner, like other machines. The M95 and SC300 PRO models incorporate the option of attaching a vacuum cleaner if you need to work in indoor environments. 

Attaches itself to the wall

The weight of the machine is not supported by the operator. The unique design of the MACROZA machine causes it to lean against the wall when cutting, thus taking up part of the weight of the machine. That is why we say that its weight is not important because it is supported by the wall itself. With MACROZA you can work longer with less effort. To work, just push the machine once it has been nailed to the wall.  

The most powerful on the market

Work in materials where other wall chasers can’t. MACROZA wall chasers have the most powerful engines on the market, which allows them to work on materials that other chases machines cannot, such as cement block and solid bricks. With the MACROZA machine you will be able to work in:

  • Gypsum wall
  • Cellular concrete
  • Cement plaster
  • Hollow brick
  • Solid brick
  • Cement block

The only materials you will not be able to cut are stone and concrete.

Built to last

Low maintenance of the machine. Our more than 50 years of experience have resulted in a machine that is both mechanically simple and very robust, ideal for the hard and rigorous work of opening chases. There are only 3 basic cares to be done to the machine:

  • Clean the dust machinewith compressed air at least twice a week.
  • Perform a general overhaul of the machine every 100 working hours, with emphasis on the brushes and bearings.
  • Always work with sharp milling cutters. Otherwise, it will not cut the material but will hit it, transmitting the shocks to the machine and causing damage to bearings, pinions and motor.

Increased safety

Exclusive design to avoid accidents. The unique design of the machine protects the operator from the cut-off wheel, unlike other machines such as radials. The milling cutter cover wraps around the milling cutter to prevent accidents. MACROZA wall chasers have double electrical insulation and comply with all electrical safety regulations.

Open chases straight and curves

It hardly leaves any finishing touches in the corners. The MACROZA wall chasers can open vertical, horizontal, oblique and ground chases. It also allows for all types of chasing curves, unlike other chasing machines such as diamond disc machines. It leaves only 1 cm of overhang in corners and ceilings thanks to the position of the milling cutter, located on one side of the machine, unlike other milling disc machines.

Vacuuming of dust and debris

Option to collect dust and debris. Our M95 and SC300 PRO wall chasers can be connected to a vacuum cleaner if the job requires it. To do this we screw an aluminum tube into the cap of the Milling cutter, which is in turn connected to the vacuum cleaner. This is highly recommended for working in indoor or living spaces, or work environments that require minimizing dust and debris production as much as possible. If it is not necessary to use the vacuum cleaner, a protective cap, also made of aluminum, is screwed in place of the aluminum tube.

It is essential that the machine is properly gripped, as this is essential for the proper performance of the work. To do this we must follow the instructions in the instruction manual.

The photos below show the correct way to hold the machine.

To start the work, operate the switch with the phrase rotating in the air to check the direction of rotation and positioning of the milling cutter.

Milling cutter teeth should move forward. Lean the machine sideways on the wall and, swinging, insert the milling cutter little by little into the wall. Hold the machine firmly to avoid initial vibrations.

Vertical chases are made from top to bottom. The right hand will be on the switch handle and the left hand on the milling cutter housing.

The left hand is the guiding hand and the main effort. Once the milling cutter is inserted into the wall, by pulling the machine with both hands at the same time, it will produce a straight channel.

It is very important that the machine is properly gripped. Guides on each side of the milling cutter cover will indicate the cutting direction.

To open chases obliquely, we will follow a process similar to that of opening vertical chases.

Horizontal chases are made from right to left. The right hand will grasp the machine by the right side of the Milling cutter housing handle and push to the left.

The right arm will rest on the machine and push it from the bottom also to the left. The left hand will embrace the switch handle acting on it.

The following pictures show how to place the hands. It is very important that the machine is properly gripped.

MACROZA are the only wall chasers on the market capable of making curved daggerboards. To do so, we will start by opening chases in the traditional manner described above.

When performing both vertical and horizontal chases, a difference in displacement between one hand and the other rotates the machine, producing a chasing curve.

The following photographs show the different postures that the hands must adopt in the successive opening phases of a chase curve.

Horizontal chases near the ground are made from left to right.

The right hand will hold the machine by the rear handle and the left hand by the left side of the milling cutter housing handle and push to the right.

Thanks to the unique design of the MACROZA machine, the user will be able to work in places that are more difficult to access.

The following photos show how the chases are made close to the ground. It is very important that the machine is properly gripped.

It is possible to make chases wider than the diameter of the milling cutter. To do this, we will make two parallel cuts side by side, obtaining twice the width.

It is also possible to build manhole and switch boxes. To do this we will first make a cut on each of the sides where the register box will go. Then remove the remaining center by moving the machine from one side to the other until it is emptied.

In the following pictures we see the correct position of the hands.

We recommend that all maintenance work be carried out by a specialist at a MACROZA Service Center.

Always use original MACROZA spare parts to avoid risks for the user’s safety.


Milling cutter sharpening

Check the sharpness of the teeth of the milling cutters approximately every hour of work. The MACROZA sharpening tester is used for this purpose. Replace or sharpen the milling cutter when it becomes dull.

The sharpening of the milling cutter will be done dry using the MACROZA sharpening kit, specially designed for our milling cutters. Alternatively, a grinder with a silicon carbide 80 grit, Grade JK grinding stone may be used.

Machine cleaning

At the end of each working day, it is important to check the condition of the brushes and clean the machine of dust by blowing pressurized air through the grids if necessary.


All wall chasers used professionally on a daily basis should be checked at least once a month.


Check the clearance in the Milling cutter shaft bearings. At the slightest oscillation we recommend its replacement, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the mechanics of the wall chaser.

Under normal conditions and due to the hardness of the work performed, it may be necessary to replace the bearings every month.


Check through the side slots if the sparks produced by the brushes in the collector are higher than normal. Check their condition. If necessary, replace them. Never change only one wiper blade, always replace both at the same time.

It is not advisable to use up the brushes.


In our eagerness to offer a quality service, we have developed a set of tools specially designed to open and repair our equipment in a comfortable, fast, efficient and safe way.

Each tool is tailor-made so that parts can be changed in a way that does not damage the machine as a whole.

This set of tools had been in use for many years in our own assembly plant and service centers. Now, we make it available to our network of official technical services in Spain and to our distributors and technical services abroad.

Do not hesitate to ask us about our MACROZA tool kit.

For the rest of the wall chaser components there is no established maintenance period.

These will be replaced according to wear and tear.


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