MACROZA Milling Cutter

MACROZA Wall Chasers cutting device is a milling blade with teeth made of Tungsten Carbide of exclusive design.

MACROZA milling cutters are the longest-lasting and more resistant blades available on the market.

MACROZA Milling Cutters for our models M90, M95 y SC300 PRO

Premium RD Series Size (width x depth)
RD10 25 x 25 mm
RD105 30 x 30 mm
RD11 25 x 35 mm
RD12 15 x 45 mm

MACROZA Milling Cutters exclusive for SC300 PRO

Premium Series Size (width x depth)
RD115 35 x 35 mm
RD125 40 x 40 mm
RD150 50 x 50 mm

MACROZA Milling Cutters RD Premium series

Our range of RD milling cutters have been specially designed to work on harder materials such as solid bricks, cement blocks or plastered walls; although they can also be used on standard materials of lower hardness where these milling cutters allow working for longer and with a lower sharpening frequency than the previous RZ series, saving execution and milling cutter replacement time.


RY105 milling cutter

Besides RD Premium milling cutters at Macroza we have engineered a new milling cutter specifically designed to work on aerated concrete (AAC) blocks and gypsum walls. These materials are soft & abrasive and demand a specific cutting tool able to run through quickly & easy. With the new RY105 milling cutter we achieve:

  • Total performance. Up to 16,000 linear metres/unit lifespan*
  • Perfect channel cutting exactly the required channel size
  • No clogging. Diamond heat up the material and make it clog, thus reducing performance greatly
  • Exclusively designed to work on AAC & gypsum blocks

* Approximate figures based on the material and work experience


To work on AAC & Gypsum blocks it is highly recommended to use a dust collection device.
From Macroza we recommend use always our wall chasers with our dust collection unit MDE1

Performance table

Materials Linear metres before sharpening Hours before sharpening * Milling cutter lifespan *
Hollow clay brick 400 metres 4-6 hours 12.000 - 14.000 metres
Solid clay brick 200 metres 2-4 hours 4.000 - 6.000 metres
Cement block 150 metres 1-3 hours 3.000 - 5.000 metres
Mortar rendering wall 300 metres 2-4 hours 5.000 - 7.000 metres
Plaster wall/ Ytong block 500 metres 4-6 hours 16.000 - 18.000 metres


* Life of milling cutters will depend greatly on the kind, quality & abrasion degree of the materials used

Installing and Removal

Milling Cutter installing

  • Only original MACROZA milling cutters should be used. They are specifically designed for our MACROZA wall chasers

  • Make sure the MACROZA wall chaser is switched off and unplugged from mains power before handling the milling cutter.

  • Before installing the milling cutter it is very important to place a washer (supplied with the machine and cutters) between the shaft and milling cutter. This will ensure perfect seating on the shaft and will make it easier to remove the milling cutter after use.

  • Install milling cutter leftwards with teeth in cutting position as indicated on the arrow engraved at the milling cutter cover.

Milling Cutter removal

  • To remove milling cutter, use spanner and the special wrench supplied with our MACROZA wall chasers.

  • Fix the spanner between the shaft and milling cutter cover. Loosen with the special wrench, hooking it onto the lower tooth and the opposite lip.

  • Hit with hand or fibre hammer the special wrench once attached. Do not hit the special wrench if the spanner is not fixed between the shaft and milling cutter cover.

  • See milling cutter removing steps on the right hand side pictures.


1º - Fix shaft with spanner

2º - Use supplied wrench

3º - Hit special wrench once...

Milling Cutter Sharpening

It is very important to keep the milling cutter sharpened at all times. A blunt milling cutter will not cut, but hit against it instead transmitting vibrations to bearings and pinion that may lead to motor failure.

Use the MACROZA Carbide Tester before sharpening the milling cutter to check whether the carbide teeth need to be sharpened.

To sharpen a milling cutter use an emery or grinding stone with the following specifications: Silicone Carbide, Grain 80, and Grade JK.

Only sharpen the tip’s top part. Never sharpen the front part. Sharpening the milling cutter should take no longer than 2 minutes.



MACROZA milling cutter sharpening disc

Working with well sharpened milling cutters is a must when using MACROZA wall chasers. Blunt cutters will not only reduce Macroza’s productivity, but also might cause the machine to fail.

Sharpening done using a bench grinding stone is cumbersome and cannot be carried out onsite.

This is why from Macroza we have designed a diamond coated sharpening disc that attached to a standard drill allows you to sharpen our milling cutters on any flat surface fast, easily and safely.

Besides sharpening our milling cutter, the MACROZA sharpening discs allow you to sharpen other Tungsten Carbide tools such as drill bits, point chisels or wood cutting blades.

  • Double side diamond coating allowing sharpening on both sides.

  • High productivity Up to 15 miling cutters sharpened per side (30 cutters in total).

  • Fast & easy to use at your work place.

  • Able to sharpen other Tungsten Carbide tools such as drill bits or point chisels.

MACROZA has an Official Technical Service Centre network to provide you with excellent service and fast repairs.

Use always original MACROZA spare parts. Use of non-original MACROZA spare parts may lead to machine damage and will be considered a breach of MACROZA’s warranty terms.


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