MDE1 Dust Collector

MACROZA double diamond blade wall chaser Diamant D2 is directly connected to a Dust Collection device. By switching on the wall chaser, the dust collector will be switched on as well.

After switching off the wall chaser, the vacuum system MDE1 will remain running for another 10 seconds to empty the vacuum tube of dust and debris.

Technical Specifications

Motor Single Phase
Class II
Voltage 110/230 V AC ~
Frecuency 50/60 Hz
Absortion power 1.200 W
Storage capacity 20 L
Maximum flow 170 m3/h
Weight 10 Kg
Hose length 4 m.

High capacity Dust Collection Device with electric telehandle system




At Macroza we have developed a new tool set especially designed to open & repair our machines in an easy, fast and safe way.

Each single piece of tool has been developed to be able to service all parts of our wall chasers without damaging the body case.

This tool set has been long used at our assembly plant and our own official technical services. Now, we bring it out to our network of authorized technical services in Spain and to our distributor network internationally.

We strongly recommend use our MACROZA Tool Kit.

MACROZA milling cutter sharpening disc sharpening disc

Working with well sharpened milling cutters is a must when using MACROZA wall chasers. Blunt cutters will not only reduce Macroza’s productivity, but also might cause the machine to fail.

To date sharpening is done using a bench grinding stone grain 80 suitable for Tungsten Carbide. This is cumbersome and cannot be carried out onsite.

This is why from Macroza we have designed a diamond coated sharpening disc that attached to a standard drill allows you to sharpen our milling cutters on any flat surface fast, easily and safely.

Besides sharpening our milling cutter, the MACROZA sharpening discs allow you to sharpen other Tungsten Carbide tools such as drill bits, point chisels or wood cutting blades.

  • Double side diamond coating allowing sharpening on both sides.

  • High productivity Up to 15 miling cutters sharpened per side (30 cutters in total).

  • Fast & easy to use at your work place.

  • Able to sharpen other Tungsten Carbide tools such as drill bits or point chisels.


At MACROZA we understand the need of using right safety equipment at all times when working onsite to comply with health and safety regulations.

We bring to our customers and distributors alike safety googles, gloves and helmets in an effort to maximise safety at jobsites.

safety googles

Top quality. Transparent googles with anti scratch treatment.
Supplied with cord.

Complies with regulation EN166 – EN170

Anti vibration MACROZA gloves

Work gloves with following features:
Velcro closure
Stretch nylon fabric top
Synthetic leather palm
Anti-vibration padding
Reinforced fingers
Elastic cuff
Machine washable


Red high-density polypropylene helmet coming with six points fastening polyethylene harness.

Other features: Light-weight (327 grams only) and short visor for greater visibility.

Complies with regulation EN397.

MACROZA has an Official Technical Service Centre network to provide you with excellent service and fast repairs.

Use always original MACROZA spare parts. Use of non-original MACROZA spare parts may lead to machine damage and will be considered a breach of MACROZA’s warranty terms.