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Merry Christmas & happy New Year 2015 (19/12/2014)

Merry Christmas & happy New Year 2015

From Macroza we would like to wish all of you a Happy & Merry Chrsitmas with your families and friends. Thank you for your support and hard work throughout this year. We look forward to a better and successful New Year 2015 working with you.

We are at your disposal for any doubts or queries you may have.


New anti-vibration gloves MACROZA (November 2014)

We introduce our new anti-vibration MACROZA gloves

At Macroza we are well aware of how important is going onsite well equipped, most specially in a such a demanding job and environment like non stop wall chasing.

These gloves are made in Nylon and sinthetic leather. They are extremely confortable and have full anti-vibration padding al along the palm and each one the fingers.

We hope you like it!



MACROZA exhibiting in Medellin, Colombia (27th-30th August 2014)

MACROZA Wall Chasers were present at the XXI edition of the feria Internacional de la Construcción, la arquitectura y el diseño (Expo Camacol), Colombias largest event for the Construction industry.

The event took place from 27th-30th August 2014 at Plaza Mayors Exhibition & Conference Centre in Meddellin, Antioquia department.

Once again our machines were represented by our distributor from Bogota ACG Equipos.

For further information on how to get our prodcuts in Colombia, please check

MACROZA Wall Chasers in Puebla, México (29th-31st July 2014)

Our Wall Chasers participated in the Construction Industry Event Expo Edificare Puebla celebrated in Puebla city, México. Puebla is one of the Méxicos main industrial cities.

The exhibition took place form 29-31 July of 2014 at Pueblas Main Convention Centre.

Our wall chasers were represented by our importer in México MOPYCSA and one of our main distributors in Mexico City and Puebla Bap Maquinaria.

From Macroza we would like to thank both Mr Porfirio Bravo and Daniel Ramón from Bap Maquinaria and mopycsa respectively.



MACROZA exhibiting at FEICON- BATIMAT 2014 (18th-22th March 2014)

MACROZA Wall Chasers were present at the 20th Edition of the FEICON-BATIMAT Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil. FEICON is not only the biggest event for the Brazils construction industry, but also the largest exhibition in South America area.

The exhibition took place from 18th-22nd March 2014 at Parque Anhembi showgrounds in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

According to figures released by the exhibitors organizers more than 1000 national and international brands were represented at the show and over 130,000 visitotrs  from around 30 countries mainly from the South America area attended the show.

Our wall chasers were represented by our exclusive imnporter to Brazil, Viatrade Assessoria.

MACROZA present at Aquatherm 2014 (28th-31st January 2014)

MACROZA present at Aquatherm 2014

MACROZA Wall Chasers were present at the 2014 edition of Aqutherm 2014 Vienna, the largest event for the heating, plumbing and air-conditioning industries.

The event took place from 28th-31st January 2014 at Viennas main showgrounds.

MACROZA was represented by our distributor in Austria and Germany Tro Tool. At the stand they showcased

At the stand Tro Tool partnered with Swedish company Dust Control a leading company in dust  debiris management. At the show we showcased our wall chasers great efficiency working indoors in completely dust-free environment




New MACROZA sharpening disc (January 2014 )

New MACROZA sharpening disc


We are aware of how difficult sometimes sharpening our milling cutters is. And yet sharpening is vital to ensure perfect cutting. As you all know a well sharpen cutter penetrates much better, lasts longer and is more efficient. Moreover, blunt cutters vibrate and this vibration may affect pinion & bearings.

This is why at MACROZA we have developed a sharpening tool aimed at making milling cutters sharpeninf easier, faster and efficient. This sharpening discs comes with a unique diamond-coating specially engineered to work with Tugsten Carbide tools. This disc is attached to a standard drill allowing you to sharpen anywhere anytime.

This product will be available shortly. In the meantime please don't hesitate to contact us if you need further information.




Applus CE Certificate (January 2014)

Dear Cuatomers, Partners and friends,

We are proud to announce that in December 2013 Applus Spain certified our three milling cutter wall chasing models MACROZA M80, MACROZA M95 and MACROZA SC200 complied with the new European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC subsequently obataining the CE marking. 

From MACROZA we strive in manufacturing top quality products known for their efficiency and reliability.

Furthermore, we hope this certificartion also helps certification in your respective markets if needed.

You can now download certificate from this website if you need to.

Best regards.




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