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Products > MACROZA Milling Cutter > Difference between RZ standard Series and RD Premium Series

With the day to day experience from our customers and professional end-users our R&D Department has developed a new range of milling cutters to suit the most demanding of the chasing jobs, the RD Premium series.

In close cooperation with our Tungsten Carbide supplier we have come up with a new formula that allow us to fit our MACROZA milling cutters with a new Tungsten Carbide tip up to 40% stronger and more durable than our renown Standard series.

Our MACROZA Milling Cutters Premium series are specially recommend for the harder and more abrasive materials, such as solid clay bricks and cement blocks.

Working on standard materials lifespan of the cutters will be up to 40% greater as well, saving time in changing cutters when onsite.

* Milling cutter lifespan may vary greatly depending on the material used and abrasion degree.

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