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We strongly recommend that all maintenance of Macroza Wall Chasers is done at an official Macroza Technical Service Centre.

Regular maintenance should be done to ensure best performance of your wall chaser.

Very Important! Make sure cuts are done straight on the material. Do not work with the machine twisted; otherwise discs will bend and/or break leading to machine’s failure.

Daily maintenance

State of the discs:
Check whether discs are saturated after the slightest cutting failure. If this is the case, stop working with the DIAMANT D2 and proceed to clean the discs.

To clean the discs it is sufficient to cut some brick or limestone. After this, carry on working normally.

Wall Chaser cleaning:
After each day of use, clean thoroughly the wall chaser so that there are no dust remains. If necessary, blow shots of compressed air through the machine’s ventilation slots to remove all remaining dust.

Monthly maintenance

All MACROZA Wall Chasers used on daily basis should be checked at least once a month.

Discs wearing:
Change the pair of discs when worn out. Always replace both discs at the same time. Bearings:
It is extremely important to check if there is any play in the bearings. At the slightest play we strongly recommend the bearings are changed. Failure to do so may lead to severe failures in the machine engine.

In normal working conditions and due to the harsh nature of the chasing job, it may be necessary to change the bearings once a month.
Carbon brushes:
Look through the chaser’s lateral ventilation slots to check whether there are sparks produced by the carbon brushes in the coil. If necessary replace carbon brushes. Always replace the pair of carbon brushes.

For other wall chaser’s spare parts there are no maintenance period defined. They will be replaced as necessary.


MACROZA has an Official Technical Service Centre network to provide you with excellent service and fast repairs.

Always use original MACROZA Spare parts. The use of non original MACROZA spare parts may lead to machine damage.

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