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Since 1956...

Macro SL was founded in 1956 as a company within the Ancillary & Construction Industry to open chases in dwellings and other residential and non-residential construction buildings. We had an extensive commercial network throughout Spain working for Spanish’ main construction companies at that time.

At first the chasing job was done with hammer & chisel. It was an extremely hard and slow job. At Macro we decided to design and manufacture a wall chasing machine capable of doing chases faster, cleaner and in a more secure and efficient way. These machines were just for the exclusive use of our professional chaser men.

This first model was designed by our engineers with the object of manufacturing a reliable and robust machine, made to last under the hard work conditions of construction sites.

In the seventies...

With time this first model was later improved incorporating the day-to-day experience of our 450 workers throughout Spain.

During these years four new models of wall chasers were released pursuing a more efficient, easy-to-work and reliable piece of equipment.

80’s and 90’s...

In 1981 with 25 years experience successfully manufacturing & marketing our chasing machines behind us we decided to commercialise our chaser machine to the general public, not just our own people.

In 1990 we started to explore the possibilities of exporting our products in the international arena. Portugal was the starting point with excellent results. We then moved on to establishing a commercial network in Western Europe & South America.

At the same time we kept improving our wall chasers, specially our most successful model, the MACROZA M90. Later we released a new model, SC100 incorporating a more powerful motor and polycarbonate milling cutter cover.


Today the MACROZA brand is now present in many countries around the world. We are an international company on the move.

This is why 2012 and 2013 have seen the launching of the new generation of MACROZA Wall Chasers: M80, M95 and SC200. These are more efficient, more powerful, more ergonomic and all wrapped up in a winning modern design.

In Sum

Since 1956 we have been the world experts in the designing and manufacturing of portable electrical wall chasing machines.

Our long & proven experience together with our R&D department allows us to design and develop the best quality wall chasing machines in the market. This is why we proudly say that the MACROZA brand is the leading industry wall chaser brand all over the world.

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